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The Bergen Home Wright was developed with the customer in mind. We provide the homeowner with the means to achieve their remodeling goals through planning, product selection, and execution of the construction project. Our clients have enjoyed the relationship that we establish in providing them the very best in service for their home.

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Our experience is extensive and has always been focused on residential home alterations. We have learned what it takes to bring about a successful remodeling project. Attention to detail and honest, open discussion have earned us the respect of numerous clients. To schedule a consultation, please call (201) 483-6784 today.

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We have been involved in a wide variety of remodeling projects, from major renovations and tear downs to small additions and playhouses. All these projects have centered on fulfilling the objectives of homeowners and their families. Each project gives us a new understanding of what is expected of us to perform at our best. We continue to pursue the level of excellence that truly separates us from others in the industry, always emphasizing service and results. The needs of the client are always paramount in the remodeling plan, and we feel our work should always reflect that concern.

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